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Cannabis Content Writing Service

Increase traffic. Build trust. Boost revenue.

Hey there! Glad you’re here.

I’m guessing you stumbled upon our site because you know the importance of digital marketing. And in the cannabis industry, it’s extra complicated because of all the regulations you face. Between meetings with vendors, and bankers, and applying for licenses it’s really difficult to find the time to grow your presence online. As you probably know, building a robust online presence is essential to growing your cannabis business. And, as you’ve probably already found out, it takes an incredible amount of time. But it’s the seed your business needs to grow. Before anyone buys anything, they always “Google it” first... we all do it. This is why your online presence should be built by a cannabis copywriter who’s also familiar with the cannabis industry AND quality copy.

The right digital marketing strategy – one that actually matches the goals of your business – will:

  • Help Google send clients your way.

  • Give you consistent incoming customers.

  • Make you stand out among your competition.

  • Turn lurkers into buyers!

Without a solid online presence, you’re missing out because your competition is getting your clients.


The tricky part is, in our industry, you have to be extra careful about how you present yourself because of the regulations you face. You need to consciously connect to your audience in a way that both engages and abides by regulations.


Because of this, I recommend you focus your energy on SEO or organic search.  Did you know paid Google ads can’t have the word “cannabis” or you risk getting your website flagged? But you can rank the word “cannabis” through an organic search.

  • Organic search drives 53% of all website traffic.

  • Results on the 2nd page of Google only get less than 1% of clicks.

  • Google search, Google Images, and Google maps drive 93% of all global traffic

  • Organic search drives over 1000% more traffic than organic social media.

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Optimizing your website to show up in the search engine is critical.

I’ve gotten my clients to organically rank on the first page of Google for their target keywords. That’s right. An upfront investment for good SEO cannabis copywriting means no ongoing paid ads AND results.Reach out, and we’ll book a call, and I’ll walk you through what’s important when it comes to SEO.

I’m sure you’ve felt that as our industry continues exploding, sometimes it can feel like a race to the top. Getting a head start on organic marketing methods is critical – because it takes time to grow. You have to start now to get out ahead.

You have to start today before the internet is flooded. Make SEO cannabis content writing and email a core part of your marketing plan — start putting out content and collecting emails. People want and need information about cannabis. “Canna-curious” clients want their questions answered before they start using cannabis products. And the “cannaoisseurs” what to know all about the latest products, research, and news. It’s up to us to educate the public on cannabis, consciously. Because we both know the media isn’t.

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A cannabis copywriting service grows your customer base to increase revenue.

With a website that ranks and an email list that’s engaged, you can:

  • Increase revenue by growing and converting your customer base.

  • Bring consistent traffic to your website.

  • Establish a following that’s loyal.

  • Help customers choose the right products for their individual needs.

  • Educate consumers on the plant, the science, and social issues.

  • Become a thought leader by building integrity and credibility.


We write for legal cannabis businesses including:

  • Ancillary businesses

  • Dispensaries

  • Multistate operators

  • Leading recreational brands

  • Small businesses

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We want to help businesses that recognize this is a critical time in history.

If we work together, then I’m invested in your mission. You have a huge impact on how our startup industry becomes mature. We’re literally shaping the future of the industry, right now. One small step at a time. From the many environmental and sustainability benefits of industrial hemp to the vast medical benefits of cannabis – we’re changing the world, friends!

Why work with us as your cannabis SEO content writer?

  • We research your target market and get customers to take action.

  • We implement strong SEO so customers find YOU.

  • We write content to establish a connection and build your credibility.

  • We keep your content current with scholarly research and make the endocannabinoid system seem less intimidating.

Our experience, defined process, and intuition give us a keen eye for strategy. we integrate all of this into your content to make your business stand out and increase sales. But what’s most important? We need a connection if this is going to work. Let’s see if we’re a fit.

I've been using PD Content Writing for many months now. Over the last 10 years, we have used many writers and although some have been good, they have either been unaffordable or they lack the skills of writing for the web which is something we need for our SEO services.

Owner at Cannabis Dispensary

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