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Wooden house for children

A wooden house for children that provides an experience for children, including a slide and a balcony!


Let's have some fun?

The wooden house is made of solid fir wood that is resistant to the weather conditions in Israel. The color of the house - brown, white, blue. When the slide comes in red.


The dimensions of the house - 2470*1595*1970

The height of the house from the floor - 60 cm

The weight of the house - up to 60 kilos


For kids 3-10 y.o.

Suitable for children aged three to ten years. Not suitable for children under the age of three.


Stay Safe

To ensure the safety of the users of the amusement facility. The playground equipment for the yard should be subjected to the described safety tests in the user manual once during assembly and then twice a month.


Add color

The amusement device should be painted or oiled about a month after the initial installation and then every two to three years (according to the condition of the facility).

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