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Working With a Ghostwriter: Everything You Need to Know to Succeed With Quality Content

Have you ever wondered how influencers post such a tremendous volume of content daily? The answer is simple - many use ghostwriters to save their priceless time and human power. There’s a massive business case for hiring ghostwriters to create all types of content, including Linkedin Articles and blog posts. Working with a professional writer can help you make more content with less effort.

Outsourcing content to a service provider, especially for significant content demands, is more accessible than building an in-house content team and can provide a better result. Alternatively, using a service can help supplement your content team's capacity. It's a hands-on service to help you with every aspect of your content writing needs. A professional ghostwriter brings writing talent to your team. Not everyone’s a wordsmith, and that’s okay. But you may be better off outsourcing your content if you don’t know how to wield words to draw a virtual crowd or create the conversion.

They understand online marketing. An experienced writer knows what to do with keywords and how to create comprehensive content that helps you generate more traffic and leads from your marketing efforts. A ghostwriter will free up your time. Even if you are a wordsmith, you probably have a lot of other tasks to attend to. A ghostwriter will take that burden off your plate.

He will help you post consistently. Maintaining consistent posting can improve your authority and trustworthiness with readers and boost SEO performance. But it’s easier said than done, and spreading the work to ghostwriters helps ensure you have content lined up on time.

How Can You Best Use a Ghostwriter

Follow the step-by-step guide below to best use ghostwriters for your content:

Understand Your Content Needs

It’s tempting to bat the ball into a writer’s court and let them take it from there, but that can be a huge mistake. No one knows your business, brand, or target audience like you. By answering the questions below, take time to define what you want your content to achieve.

Who is your audience? How you write for a baby boomer audience looks different from how you might write for Gen Z. Blog posts for specialists in an industry tend to have a different tone and style than posts for the general public.

What is your brand voice? Are you serious, professional, and desiring blog posts that sound like journalism? Do you want a funny, conversational tone? The range for style and voice is infinite; if you don’t define it, your ghostwritten blog posts will be inconsistent.

Do you have format and content preferences? Research what’s performing best with your audience and in your niche. Some parameters to determine to include how long posts should be for different topics, what subheading structures should look like and where CTAs should go. It would help if you also decided how to create a cohesive visual tone on your site and whether formatting — such as how many images and where they go — plays a role so your ghostwriters can create content with those requirements in mind.

What keywords are you targeting? Use tools such as Marketmuse or SEMrush to generate guidance on keywords and other content elements that you can use as guidance for writers.

Create a Detailed Content Brief and Instructions

Once you know all that information, you need a straightforward method for communicating it to a writer. The more time a writer spends digging through your instructions and content guidelines, the less money they make on your project. Creating easy-to-reference content briefs makes you a more attractive client, potentially letting you work with higher-quality ghostwriters.

Be Clear About Other Requirements

It’s also important to be clear about other requirements. Let writers know up front:

  • What turn-around time or deadline do you expect?

  • How much research do you need them to complete?

  • Whether you want sources cited in a list or as anchor text?

  • Who are your competitors?

  • What sites do you want to avoid sourcing from?

  • How many revision rounds do you estimate, and whether you expect them to be included in the price for writing your content?

  • How do you plan to integrate each piece into your overall content strategy?

Check-in With Writers Regularly

Professional ghostwriters are fantastic because they take great pride in their work. That usually means they adopt your brand as their own, looking out for you as much as possible and ensuring you get stellar content.

But it’s important to remember that ghostwriters probably don’t just work for you and may have other obligations. Life can also take unexpected turns for anyone. Make it a point to check in with active ghostwriters weekly to ensure they have what they need to complete your content.

Leave Some Leeway for Writer's Creativity

You’re hiring professionals for a reason. An experienced ghostwriter can write an excellent content for you. Yes, that content should correspond to your brand and audience. Leave room for creativity, and you may be pleasantly surprised.

How Do You Get Started?

Ready to put the benefits of blog ghostwriting to the test for yourself but need help figuring out where to start? Contact me today, or follow this link to get your first 1000 words free of charge with no strings attached during a trial I provide. I’ll help you to engage with your audience more often, build authority in your niche, and solve the problem of time and scale. I have rated 5/5 stars in 250+ reviews.

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